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Coastwise Imaging

Providers of high-quality, georeferenced waterfront imagery worldwide.

Waterfront Imagery Problems

Limited access

There are 372,000 miles of coastline in the world accessible primarily, or solely, by boats.

Uncharted Territory

Less than .001% of the world coastline has been imaged with georeferenced panoramic imagery.

Lack of Quality

High quality imagery of the coastlines is sporadic or nonexistent.


Our Solutions

Give the world a view they have never seen before

Coastwise Imaging provides imagery of the coast from a perspective not readily available to the public. By operating our near-shore image capture platform, we give a view seen only from the water.


We plan to provide first ever imagery of coastlines worldwide. We will continue to capture the shorelines as they change due to popluation growth, development, and climate change.

Constant imagery capture improvement

We continually develop our methods, platforms, and procedures to provide unparraleled imagery. Our expertise brings new eyes to the waterfront.


About Coastwise Imaging

The waterways of our planet shape our environment, culture, economy, and personal identity and, while inseparable from our daily lives, they are also physically inaccessible to most people. Equipment costs, equipment know-how, and time constraints keep the vast majority of people from exploring the oceans, rivers, and lakes that surround them.


In the face of this lack of exploration, currently available marine imagery cannot fill this void as available content is geographically sparse, inconsistently documented, and offers no recurring capture efforts for historic referencing. 


Through collaboration with Google Maps, Coastwise Imaging is working to bring 360-degree panoramic imagery of our planet's waterways to Google Street View for everyone to enjoy.


We utilize specially developed marine platforms and novel recording procedures to provide digitally navigable, high-resolution images of our planet’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. Not only will this imagery allow for easy individual exploration, its uniform coverage and recurring capture strategies will also support new and exciting monitoring, stewardship, and business opportunities for communities, businesses and governmental organizations.


With three recording trails currently underway in Seattle, Puget Sound, and South East Alaska, Coastwise Imaging is well on our way to bringing the waters of our planet into focus for you.


Come take a ride with us and let us show you what you’ve been missing!


The Team

Lane Brinson

  • „International unmanned and manned marine vessel development experience

  • „Marine project management and operations experience in 16 countries across the globe  

  • „Extensive marine construction and  business development background

  • „Multimillion dollar contract and service negotiation experience

Chance Strickland


  • „1600 Ton United States Coast Guard Captain’s License

  • „15 years and 150,000 nautical miles of marine experience

  • „Extensive remote marine location logistics, operations and management experience

  • „Unmanned photography platform construction and operations experience

Contact Us

Coastwise Imaging
P.O. Box 17042
Seattle, WA 98127

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